11 days getting clear, focused, in purpose and on purpose  

 Make you life far more EFFORTLESS, while also AMPLIFYING your results!  

This is going to uplevel your mindset & turn up your vibration so you can rapidly manifest, create, and get into flow state. At only 111USD it is the lowest investment I have EVER offered & will likely never will again, so get on it now!  



  •  You feel a bit stuck
  •  You feel like you're ready to take the next step, but you don't quite know how - or what that even is
  •  You want to create more freedom in your life
  •  You know you are worthy of so much more than you're currently experiencing 
  •  You are SO READY to upgrade, uplevel, & make shit happen!


  • 4 deep dive trainings with me where you will be able to ask questions  
  • Being part of a community of incredible people, all committed to playing full out & supporting each other!
  • Mindset & visualisation work to rapidly accelerate your results  
  • Journaling tasks & manifestation training  
  • Accountability!
  • An immediate shift into alignment 
  • More energy, time & clarity
  • Learn how to get in peak high vibrational state so you can manifest & create 
  • Learn how to create a solid structure for success, from a place of ease & flow 
  • Accesible for anyone worldwide 
  • VIP option for those who are ALL IN which in includes a 1 hour deep dive private coaching session with me as well as messaging support over these 2 weeks 

Sunniva is living proof that you can achieve anything you choose no matter what your circumstances are. She didn't come from a wealthy family, in fact, she grew up as one of 10 children in a strict religious community in an isolated area of New Zealand; and breaking free of this was the first of many challenges she has faced.  

With her unshakeable mindset & burning desire to succeed, Sunniva:  

  • Bought her first property at the age of 19 & built a multi million dollar property portfolio by the time she was 30
  • Built three successful 6 figure + businesses
  • Wrote 2 No.1 best selling Self Help & Motivation books & is in the process of writing her 3rd
  • Released a best selling app, 
  • Became a fully qualified Mindset Coach.  

She now travels all over the world speaking, coaching and running sold out programs and workshops

It is absolutely possible to have everything you ever wanted no matter where you’re starting from. The money, the impact, the relationship, the family, the travel, the business, the body – it’s all yours, if you’re truly committed!

What Others Say About Sunniva 

"I can not put a price tag on the way Sunniva has impacted my life. I started making making decisions based on what my soul purpose was. I became clear on who I wanted to be and what kind of life I wanted to live. I feel like my eyes have been opened, that I was living in an almost daze for the majority of my life and the future for once does not give me anxiety "

- Talei Lepper, Tone By Talei 

“Sunniva is a true powerhouse, combining amazing business instinct, with ancient wisdom. In my 3-month deep dive coaching time with Sunniva, she helped me level up in every aspect of my life. She is insightful, takes ‘no prisoners’ and is such a kind and compassionate person. I highly recommend working with Sunniva in any way you can. We all need a little more Queen Fire in our lives!”  

- Yaela Raber, The C.E.OM 

"She has this unique courage and vulnerability to share her past for the purpose of healing herself and healing others. Sunniva is open and honest and holds space for others to do the same. Sunniva has the ability to hold space for her clients to open up and heal from deep pain. She is unlike any coach I have ever worked with she really is the definition of a true coach she never forces her opinion on others but more so works with the individual to help them to come to their own answers. "

- Anna Goddard Coaching 

 I went from unhappy, unmotivated and dissatisfied to fiercely embracing my true calling. Sunniva provided the tools that awakened the next level version of myself. I was called to step out of my comfort zone and into the life I desire and deserve to live. So if you’re ready to let go of every excuse in your book, let go of fear, step into courage and be the badass creatress you were born to be – Sunniva is your Queen.”

- Kayla Gebert The Navigational Goddess, Tauranga NZ 

I am a changed person. No glorious short-lived hype, just good honest daily patterns that have become the norm. This is now my platform. It gives me the strength to push away fear and self doubt and to replace them with intentions of abundance and growth, not giving way when the physical evidence takes time to transpire. Decision making is easier so procrastination fades away. This truly is a course about your life and what you want from it. I totally recommend working with Sunniva whenever you get the chance.”  

- Trish Coleman Mumma T Trading Lounge Amberley, NZ 

Working with you Sunniva has changed my life. I have done years of personal development reading, workshops and counselling and made some changes but nothing that really shifted things. In the few months of Life on your terms I felt major shifts in my thinking and now less than a year later I have made brave radical shifts leaving a soul sucking corporate career and going out to start a business, something I had always wanted but felt I couldn’t as I wasn’t worthy. Now I’m living a life I love, Im in my purpose and know I am worthy of my true desires. I won’t let anything hold me back. Working with Sunniva has been the best money I ever spent!  

- Keturah C Mcgoram, Auckland New Zealand

"I’m so glad Sunniva was put on my path a few months ago, it was divine timing for me. She has given me so many tools to implement on my journey. One of the greatest gifts I received from her was to give myself permission to shine, no longer will I dim my light in order for others to feel comfortable. If you are reading this than you are already halfway there, just jump in,invest in yourself in your growth in your are amazing you deserve this I believe in you and so does Sunniva. She’s committed to bringing out the best version of you your kick ass 2.0. If there is one thing you do for yourself this year than let it be life on your terms. Go all in! No regrets!! “  

- Awhina Motutere, Kaimai New Zealand

REGULAR - $111

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Mindset session (All prices are in USD)
Regular - $111

VIP - $333

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Mindset session (All prices are in USD)
VIP - $333